Conference looks at ingredients for growing leaders

By karen

John Dunnett, Paul Dundas and Bishop Fanta at the CPAS conference.

John Dunnett, Paul Dundas and Bishop Fanta at the CPAS conference.

Thirty people attended the CPAS ‘Growing leaders in the local church’ held conference on October 18 in Christ Church Lisburn.

The keynote speakers were Bishop Fanta Clarke and the Rev John Dunnett, CPAS General Director. Bishop Fanta spoke on Epaphras as one who worked hard, wrestled in prayer, who desired maturity and who was faithful to Christ.

John Dunnett spoke on five key ingredients on growing leaders, others and oneself. They were the inner life, calling, character, skills and community.

Janice Thompson, John Dunnett, CPAS General Director and Krystal Mohn enjoying lunch.

There was the opportunity for group work, worship, personal reflection, food, new friendships and encouragements in following Christ as a disciple and leader.

On a practical level, people were encouraged to speak within the next week to one person to encourage, to another person to involve in decision making and another person to offer support to.

The next conference is on February 12 2015 in Christ Church Lisburn with the Rev John Alderdice. Two further conferences are on April 29 in Ballyclare and on April 30 in Ballynanny, Co Tyrone looking at leadership in Multi Benefices with the Rev Pam McNaughton from York …read more

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