Changes to Dublin and Glendalough Synods Make it More Relevant and Focused

By Lynn Glanville

Derek Neilson

The changes to Dublin and Glendalough’s Diocesan Synods were heralded in the report of Diocesan Councils to the gathering in Taney Parish Centre on Tuesday October 21.

As a result of a review of the annual proceedings, Diocesan Synods took place on one evening for the first time this year as opposed to two as was done previously. Proposing the report of Diocesan Councils, Derek Neilson (Councils and Calary) explained that the changes were designed to make Synods more relevant, to give more time for people to participate and to ensure that discussion was focused.

He added that they hoped to make it easier for working families to attend and hoped that over the short to medium term, a greater balance in age, gender and race would be seen within those elected to Synods

“None of us goes to a meeting for its own sake, we go because we have an interest or commitment in the subject or the organisation and this Synod is no different. We come because we have a commitment to the Church of Ireland in these United Dioceses. We therefore want to encourage as many people as possible to participate and to hear their views and that …read more

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