Call to compassionate social action

By Magheragall Methodist Church

President scarf

Today, along with other church leaders, Methodist President the Rev Peter Murray met with the newly appointed Minister for Social Development, Cllr Mervyn Storey MLA. At the meeting the group expressed concern for the poor and called for clear information about the proposals for welfare reform, urging that the poor should not become political pawns.

Concern for the poor is also a theme of the President’s November column in the Methodist Newsletter where he reminds readers that Methodists are called to be ‘a holy people of courageous evangelism and compassionate social action… who serve people, particularly the vulnerable ones in our communities.

‘We don’t pretend that this is easy or even that we will be successful in doing it,’ he continues. ‘But it is our calling. Jesus expected his followers to be salt and light in society, different from it but active within it, working for its renewal.’

Referring to the picture on his preaching scarf of Joseph going in front of his family into Egypt, he makes the point that it was in Egypt – a place to which Joseph was taken as a slave – that God used him in a pioneering role.

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