Thinking about Worship – Listening to or listening through the sermon

By Magheragall Methodist Church


‘The sermon is given central importance in Protestant churches but its nature is often missed. In the New Testament preachers are described as prophets – people called by God to listen to him and pass on what he tells them to others. And this is what preaching is or should be. The Holy Spirit provides the message or lights up the one the preacher has in mind. We ordain our preachers but we do not call them; that is done by God.’

In his November column the Rev Dr Stanley McQuade shares his understanding of corporate worship – what it is and what it entails in a typical church service. The series has been written particularly with local preachers in mind but the teaching and insights he shares are relevant to all church members.

‘Something must be said about listening to the sermon,’ he continues. ‘Someone has said that worship is not a spectator sport – we are not just listening, we are trying to hear what God has to say to us. We are not only listening to the sermon but through the sermon….

‘If you attend a service to enjoy the music, or to hear an interesting or even an …read more

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