50 years of Evangelising in India

50th Anniversary of India Every Home Crusade

50th Anniversary of India Every Home Crusade

Dear Friend,

God’s Word is an ever present help in time of trouble.  No one can deny that the world we live in is presently in upheaval as evil men and false religion abound.  1 Peter 1: 24 and 25 lets us see things from God’s perspective:
“For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.”
In the midst of troubling circumstances the Word of the Gospel which we publish is transforming lives and situations.  Thank you each one for all your support as we trust in the promise that God’s Word is everlasting.
On 10th September we shipped a container to Child Evangelism Fellowship in South Africa.   In this container we included 150,000 Wonder Devotional booklets, Volumes 1 to 6, in English and Afrikaans.  We also included 100,000 “Meet the King” booklets in Zulu and 95,000 Wonder books in English, Afrikaans and Zulu.  Please pray for this literature as it is distributed amongst the boys and girls of South Africa.
On 11th September we sent 75,000 Gospel leaflets in the English and Chichewa languages to Mr Stephen Harper for his work in Malawi.  We also sent 400,000 Bientot Gospel leaflets to Basil Aiken for their work in French speaking countries.
On 17th September we shipped a container to our depot in Brazil.  We included in this container 2½ million Gospel tracts and 180,000 Gospels of John all in the Portuguese language.  We also included in this container 10,000 Bible flashcard lessons for the work of CEF.
On 23rd September we shipped a container to friends in Argentina.  In this container  we included 2 million Gospel tracts for the work of Every Home for Christ and 350,000 “Meet the King” booklets in Spanish for the work of CEF.
On 23rd September we sent 100,000 “Let Him In” booklets translated into the Romanian language for the work of Willis Lynch and his friends in Romania.  SAM_0682

Democratic Rep. Congo.

Last year we shipped 3 container loads of BES booklets and Emmaus booklets in the French language to three areas of the country. The following are reports from Goma and Lubumbashi.
ARCHE D’ALLIANCE church is located in Goma town, north Kivu province DRC. This church is among one of the prominent emerging churches in Goma town. According to its size, the number of adults varies from 5 to 6 thousand believers nowadays. The number of children who attend Sunday school can reach 1000  to 1500 children during the three church services which are organised. Among these, five hundred received BES booklets last February 2014. According to parents and Sunday school teachers, there is no other better way to maintain a biblical upbringing for their children than by using the BES written material. SAM_1576
This testimony is from a parent from Arche d’alliance/Goma church. ‘’My child is seven years old, he studied with me the chapter relating to creation in the level 2 booklet of  bible lessons. I was astonished during our evening home service, he was able to preach and share his ideas with all family members concerning the understanding he received  from the Holy Spirit about creation. He said, I discovered that it is only God who creates, because everything man claims to create takes away from the almighty God’s creation. He took the examples of houses, cars, planes, computers and whatever;  none of these came from a vacuum. He added in our home evening sermon, humans can simulate the creation but cannot provide life. Life is only from God. My boy is already able to quote biblical scripture passages by heart, whereas, I along with his father aren’t able at all, thanks to these booklets all my children are already able to conduct by themselves their own quiet time.’’ SAM_1610
We think, the spiritual level of our children, is being tremendously touched by these booklets. There are a lot of such very positive testimonies relating to the booklets. We encourage the one who initiated this project and are praying so that God may bless him with financial resources to continue this project everywhere, worldwide, because the bible says that we must train our children about the word of God from early childhood. So that when they become elderly they may not forget.   Jacques/Sunday school head.
Lubumbashi – What has been achieved so far can be summed up by Pastor Emmanuel Ngoy wa Kakudji Kita.
The ultimate goals include:
– The evangelisation of children based on selected themes of the Bible, clearly explained. Each lesson gives children a clear understanding of the truths and reasoning that under the action of the Holy Spirit lead them to conversion and to change their attitudes and way of living. Rapport BES Activitées - RDC Lubumbashi 1.20146– Communicate an understanding of the whole of the Sacred Scriptures. The program wishes to present the biblical events in an orderly way, worthy of the Word of God.
– Burn essential spiritual truths into the minds of children, hence the importance of giving students booklets with a taste of colour, filling in the blanks with appropriate words and memorising key verses.
Certainly, we all have a responsibility to respond to the urgency of the situation in relation to the lives of today’s youth, to bring them to an adequate response to their spiritual needs through their desire to learn.
We are pleased to see the joy of parents and churches who thought that the spiritual life of their children was set aside, if not in the trash. Many people believe that these courses have arrived at the right time in the Democratic Republic of Congo where the movement of religious sects has begun to  place the lives of our youth in danger.
The Lord’s promise that His ‘Word does not return to Him void’ (Isaiah 55: 11) is a powerful incentive for us to continue this hard work. Slowly but surely, we have the satisfaction of seeing the Word of God accomplish its effects on the lives and behaviour of young children in DR Congo.
‘He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him’ (Psalm 126: 6).IMG_2308
From the 25th September to 1st October Samuel Adams has been visiting India. The first day was spent with the India Bible Literature staff at their headquarters in Chennai. Dr. Velu thanked us once again for all of the literature which we had shipped to India and told us of the many requests that they receive for literature from all over India.
Recently we have been printing hundreds of thousands of our colour tracts in various Indian languages. They told us that these well designed tracts on good quality paper are extremely popular and that as soon as they are received they go out very quickly to the distributors.
The Leadership also discussed with us the possibility of getting children’s teaching material as they have an outreach programme where they train 10,000 volunteers from churches who will reach out to over 300,000 children during next March / April 2015.
The next two days was spent in Hyderabad at the Asia Every Home for Christ leadership meetings. Many Asian countries were represented at the meetings, however some of the countries represented are “closed” countries especially to the importation of Gospel Literature.
I was very pleased to meet the leader of China Tourist Ministry to whom we have been supplying container loads of Chinese literature. He told me that this year it is estimated that 45 Million Chinese people will leave Mainland China and visit the countries of Macau and Hong Kong. He is planning to work out the number of containers that they will need during 2015.
The leaders of Every Home for Christ from Indonesia expressed an interest in getting Gospel tracts for their country. They are happy to help with the translation. This is one of the largest Islamic countries in the world and yet a faithful Gospel witness is being carried on in the country.
On Sunday morning I had the opportunity to speak in a church service of about 300 people. The only problem was that everybody overlooked to arrange a translator, a lady volunteered and it turned out that a number of people understood English as they helped the lady when she had difficulty. IMG_2313
Monday 29th was the commencement of the 50th Anniversary of India Every Home Crusade.  This is a major event in the life of the Mission. Over 5,000 staff, volunteers and supporters attended from all over India. The services will be held for 4 days from 9.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. each day with a break for lunch.
They have taken over a large school which has 3,000 pupils. It is a huge logistic operation with beds being packed into every classroom. Then 5,000 people need to be served meals extremely quickly.
I have been invited to speak about the ministry of Revival Movement Association concerning our literature distribution to 170 countries and encouraging people to have a worldwide vision for lost souls. Many of the leaders from different states came one at a time requesting  an increase in the amount of literature which we supply to them.
We would like to congratulate them on these 50 years of faithful service in reaching the people of India with the Gospel Message through door to door distribution.
Please pray that the Lord will continue to undertake for the production of Gospel Literature in many languages. We are very busy at the moment printing Russian Literature for 1:10 project conducted by Bible Mission in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine,Belarus and Moldova.

 Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen

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