‘Islamic State’ – the mystery of iniquity

By Magheragall Methodist Church


The writer of next month’s comment column considers how we cope with the thought that horrendous evil can lodge in the human heart, referring to what St Paul called ‘the mystery of iniquity.’ He notes that violence spawns a life of its own where depravity overrides reason.

‘It disturbs us to face up to the reality of militants whose aim is to have “heads on stakes”. Formed out of al-Qaeda in Iraq in 2013, Islamic State, (formerly ISIL or ISIS) is annihilating Christian communities and religious minorities such as Yazidis as well as Shia Muslims whom it regards as heretics. It beheads soldiers, western journalists and aid workers.’

After taking account of times when Christians have also acted with barbarity and the general Islamic condemnation of Is as being outside any proper definition of Islam, the writer asks us to consider our own response.

‘Jesus taught us to love our neighbour,’ he concludes. ‘We will pray. We will encourage our governments to receive refugees. We will love Muslims, reject Islamophobia, be peacemakers and sharers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will be equally concerned for the persecuted and abused who are not Christians. Church worship may have ceased in Mosul and other …read more

Read the full article here: http://methodistnewsletterireland.wordpress.com/2014/10/07/islamic-state-the-mystery-of-iniquity/

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