Young people being reached with the Gospel throughout the world

Workers who have been trained by Child Evangelism Fellowship in the Philippines to reach boys and girls with the Gospel.

Workers who have been trained by Child Evangelism Fellowship in the Philippines to reach boys and girls with the Gospel.

Dear Friend, What a privilege the two men on the road to Emmaus had as they were taught from God’s Word by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Here were two men who needed to be shown the truth and afterwards testified of how their hearts burned within them as Jesus opened up the Scriptures to them.  The result of this encounter with the Lord Jesus and the Scriptures was that “their eyes were opened, and they knew him.” (Luke 24 v. 31).
As you can see from recent ‘Shipping Diaries’ in our reports, we are sending the literature to many new countries and often to people who have not heard the Gospel.  Please pray that many will have their eyes opened and come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.
On 2nd July we shipped an 18 Tonne container load with over 400,000 Gospels of John in the Russian language to Bible Mission. This is part of the 2 Million Gospels of John for Russia and Ukraine which we have been producing. (See the photo of the literature in their store).
On 10th July we shipped a total of 11 pallets of literature to Child Evangelism Fellowship.  Two of these were for Poland, 1 for Italy, 2 for Niger in West Africa, 2 for Gabon in West Africa and 2 for Togo in West Africa.
On 21st July we sent 75,000 Gospels of John to Mr John Birkin for his work   in Uganda.
On 25th July we shipped a container to our friends in India Bible Literature. In this container we included a large supply of literature for Brother John Pandi who works with Gospel Literature Outreach.
On 28th July we supplied Albanian Christian fund with 50,000 Scripture calendars in the Albanian language.
On 29th July we shipped a container to CEF in Mozambique.  This container consisted of 300,000 Wonder Devotional books and over 4,000 flashcard Bible lessons on “The Life of Christ” Volumes 1 to 4.
On 30th July we shipped a container to CEF in Angola. This container consisted of 8,000 flashcard Bible lessons on “The Life of Christ” Volumes 1 to 4, 50,000 copies of “Meet the King” booklet and over 200,000 Wonder Devotional booklets all in the Portuguese language.
On 31st July we shipped another container of literature to Nigeria.  This container consisted of 1½ million Gospel tracts, 2,000 sets of our children’s Bible lessons and a large quantity of Gospels of John for distribution in this vast country.  The general manager from ACTS bookshop in Nigeria wrote – Dear Sir, I can tell you that we have not a  single  copy of Gospel of John, they are  finished. There are many churches and individual street evangelists waiting for them. As for the mixed tracts we have a few cartons given to us recently. I doubt if they will last to the end of next week. The Bus evangelism team are lining up to take them. The reports from all these groups are with our storekeepers. If you need them we will send them  across. Thanks  so  much  for  all   your  support.  Bro Luka Vandi (GM ACTS).Foto12
We received a report from Child Evangelism Fellowship in the Philippines which consisted of a series of letters as follows:
“We are so blessed to see the joy reflected in children’s faces not just after hearing the Gospel presentation, but also after they receive the booklets, the Gospel of John, ‘Every Day with God’, and ‘Meet the King’ in Tagalog.  Praise the Lord that many children from different public schools in the national capital region have heard the Good News.
With the help of these booklets school principals have allowed us to teach their students, a real help to the ministry.  We look forward to reaching many more children with this literature.  May the Lord bless your ministry that God has entrusted to you.”  Olive Odasco CEF Materials- lent to TCE 1 Students (12)
“The devotional booklet ‘Every Day with God’ helps us to disciple children at an early age since they easily understand Bible stories.  The children want to answer all the questions on each page of the ‘Every Day with God’ devotional book all at one time because they are interested to read the stories from the Bible.  They also enjoy answering the crossword puzzles.
Parents and other siblings are encouraged to work with them.  This is also a stepping stone for the children to have their daily devotional.  They are looking forward to receiving book 2 of the devotional material.  Thank you for the opportunity to have these booklets.  We are praying for more copies for other children here in Batangas.  May God bless your wonderful ministry.” Dorothy Anzando
“There is no word to adequately convey the joy the children express when they receive these booklets.  In our values education classes in the schools many children shared their testimonies with their teachers how being a child of God helped them accept who they are, in spite of the lack of material things and their low self esteem, resulting from a hostile environment and dysfunctional families.  Pangasinan (3)
They told us of how the discipline of coming to God daily in prayer and listening to Him through His Word helped them overcome the challenges of life.  And so with gratitude we thank you for all your efforts to help local areas such as CEF NCR South to develop its mandate, to evangelize, disciple and channel children to local Bible believing churches. With much prayer that the Lord will continue to provide for the printing of materials like this which we have proven to be very effective in helping children know the Lord.  To God be all the Glory!”  Elenita Rosete
“Many times as we conduct elementary school evangelistic campaigns, I observe that as children pray to receive Jesus as their Saviour their teachers also say the prayer.  Sometimes children and, even teachers, cry while praying.  One teacher asked me for a Bible after receiving the booklets.  They were very glad to receive the copies of ‘Meet the King’ and the Gospel of John.  Glory to God!” Reynold CEF Materials - Elementary School Ministry (1)
“God uses His Word and our literature to win children to Jesus.  I could say that the Holy Spirit is working as I shared God’s great love to the children and what the Lord Jesus did on the Cross in order for us to be saved from sin. A little girl who was laughing at the start of the class was weeping as she prayed to receive Jesus towards the end.  She was silently wiping her tears.  There must have been a conviction in her heart at that moment.  May those children who trusted Jesus like her come to know more about God.” Chris Carolino Children professed faith in Christ 4
Dear Brothers, I thank God for the life of each of you and your unwavering support for the lives of the people of Mexico.  We are very thankful to have safely received the container of literature which you sent to us.  This was received on the 16th of July.  We immediately sent literature to different states in Mexico to our workers who, in turn, will use it to reach the children – household by household – and the teachers of existing and new clubs will use  the flashcard Bible lessons.
We pray that this progress can continue until each child is reached in order to put their hope in God and not forget the works of God.  We want our children to keep His commands and not to be like their fathers, a stubborn and rebellious generation, a generation that set not their heart upon God.
Actually I am so grateful to God for His mercy and the opportunity to be useful in His work. Years ago it was just a dream and now, with the help of God and of you, it is a reality.  Enrique, CEF Mexico.VBR 2014 sat Baba Ana_2
Hello Samuel, “Good news across Romania” in county Prahova started yesterday.  We are so excited about the potential of reaching children with the Gospel in this country.  (see  photo below) I haven’t heard back from all the teams yet but, from what I know, there will be clubs held in 86 locations and over 2,000 children will hear the Gospel.  Praise God for this!  Thank you again for the huge investment in teaching materials, tracts and booklets for this project.  It is such a blessing. Claire Bain.
Malawi – “Thank you for the vision, money and the hard work that went into the printing of the flashcard Bible lessons.  We finally got them last week.  For two days my hands were in pain from the work of unloading the boxes. It was worth the labour.  As of now a 5 year teaching cycle will now be a reality and effective for all workers and associates.  We appreciate this gesture very much.” For His children, Stephen Mupata, CEF Malawi. Photo on the right.IMG-20140707-WA000
Dear friends, We are once again very excited to share with you what the Lord has been doing in Kenya, especially concerning the distribution of the BES Bible lessons that you sent to us for the schools and churches.  Indeed this literature has helped the children and teens in Kenya read their Bibles more often than before and therefore draw closer to God.  In one case that we can share, a church in one of the slums in Nairobi reported that the number of children has more than doubled since they started to use the BES Bible lesson booklets.  The children in this particular area are happy because previously their teachers used to be very repetitive in what they taught.  Now the lessons are well structured and student orientated.  These are the kind of testimonies that encourage us to do more and more for our teens and children.
Since we last reported we have again distributed 43,720 of the BES booklets from January to June and we are in the process of distributing the remaining copies to schools and churches.  Please pray with us for God to provide resources that we need to distribute the remaining materials all over our regions.
Recently we trained and sent a new worker called Aminadab to work in Rwanda.  They have begun the work and are now reaching 3,000 teenagers with the desire to reach more by the end of the year.  The work there has picked up well, but they are in need of discipleship materials.  We are therefore putting this request to you on their behalf so you can consider sending some materials to Rwanda.  Aminadab has been trained and he knows how the materials are to be used and is willing to pioneer the use of the literature in Rwanda.  Thank you once again for your help. Teens for Christ.

This month we shipped 5 Containers of Literature – each of these containers cost on average £30,000.00 which includes the paper, printing costs, shipping and customs clearance costs. Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide all the large financial needs of the ministry.

 Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen

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