Testimonies from the 1-10 project in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus & Moldova

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Russian soldiers who received our Gospel Calendars through the 1 to 10 project conducted by Bible Mission at Christmas and the New Year in Russia.

Russian soldiers who received our Gospel Calendars through the 1 to 10 project conducted by Bible Mission at Christmas and the New Year in Russia.
Dear Friend, Three times in 1 Peter chapter 2 the Lord Jesus Christ is described as precious, eg “Unto you therefore which believe he is precious” (verse 7).  One among many reasons why the Lord Jesus is precious is that He is the only Saviour from sin and its consequences.  “Neither is there salvation in any other:  for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).  Many around the world are held in the grip of fear, superstition and idolatry.  They need to know of the precious blood of Jesus and experience for themselves that He is precious.  Please help us as we share the good news to a sinful, needy world.

On the 12th, 13th and 17th March we shipped containers to CEF in Honduras, Panama and Nicaragua.  In each of these containers we included 100,000 copies of the evangelistic booklet “Meet the King” and over 120,000 Wonder Devotional booklets Volume 1 to 6, to encourage boys and girls to have daily Quiet Times and to get into the practise of reading the Word of God and praying each day.  We also included several thousand Bible flashcards in each of these containers. All of this literature was in the Spanish language.
On 14th March we sent 20,000 “Meet the King” booklets in the Turkish language for distribution in France by Operation Mobilisation who work amongst the immigrants in France.
On 18th March we shipped 140,000 “Meet the King” and Wonder Devotional booklets to Equatorial Guinea on the West Coast of Africa.  This literature was all in the Spanish language, this is the only country in Africa which speaks Spanish.
On 20th March we sent another container of literature to our friends in India Bible Literature.  Once again we had a supply of literature for many other Missions within India and we are delighted to be able to continue to help these friends with supplies of Gospel literature.
On 31st March we sent 100,000 Spanish Gospels of John to Brother Artt Deelen in Madrid.  We also sent him 30,000 French Gospels and 5,000 Italian Gospels to be distributed by other churches and missions.  Included in this consignment was also 100,000 Spanish Gospel tracts.  Brother Deelen shares this literature with about  50 pastors working in different areas of Spain.
On 31st March we sent 500,000 Gospel Tracts to Bro Sydney Thomas who is the leader of Every Home for Christ in Liberia, West Africa. This is for a major door to door campaign conducted all over the country of Liberia during the month of May.

Members of  a church preparing the gift packs of literature for distribution during the 1:10 project.

Members of a church preparing the gift packs of literature
for distribution during the 1:10 project.

We have received the following testimonies from those taking part in the 1:10 project conducted by Bible Mission.  Altogether we printed 500,000 sets of literature including Gospel Calendars for distribution in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.
“Dear fellow workers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We wish you a very good Christmas and a happy New year of 2014. Thank you so much for your good work in the country of Kazakhstan. The charitable 1:10 ‘Share Christmas Joy’ Project has become a great tradition and an opportunity to wish a merry Christmas to our friends and neighbors, both Christians and non-Christians. Many people sensed the joy of Christmas in the new year 2014. The good news from different Baptist churches of Kazakhstan witness that people throughout the country are very happy to receive the calendars and gift packages. image002They really appreciate the gifts shared with them on the special holiday. I believe that the project has been a great blessing to many people in Kazakhstan. Many blessings to you in your life and ministry. Frantz Tiessen, President Baptist Union of Kazakhstan.
“Dear workers at the Bible Mission, Greetings! I thank the Lord for the work that you do. I really appreciate your hard work. I received a gift from you right for my daughter’s birthday. This was a gift from heaven. She turned 52. Thank you so-so much! If the Lord gives me more years of life, I will turn 75 on February 15. In the church my main ministry is to pray and give away tracts. If I have a chance, I always witness and I rejoice in it. I use the calendars and little booklets that you have sent. Sometimes I get to witness at funerals to my friends and neighbors. I also reach out to those who are sick and are getting ready for eternity. For instance, my neighbor’s husband is 101 years old. It took me a long time to persuade her to allow me to come and talk to him. He resisted it as much as possible saying, ‘don’t bring me any clergy’. When I came and saw him, I prayed and started sharing about God. And as a result of our conversation he prayed to receive Christ. Several days later he passed away. Now I pray for all of his relatives. I also pray for my daughter. Soli Deo Gloria! Tina Laurentieva. City of Aktobe, Kazakhstan.06(1)
Alexander DUDAREV, OMSK – I had a very nice conversation with a new detachment commander. He admitted that having faith is a very positive thing. He also thanked me for the Christmas gift package. We also gave away calendars to the soldiers. We prayed a prayer of blessing for their lives. We shared a lot of kind words with them. In turn, they expressed their thanks for those who sacrificed their funds to provide the calendars (we had shared before that there are Christians who are willing to give away funds to promote the Word of God to be spread worldwide). We told them that these Christians use various methods so that the people will know about the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of the military people came to a service with their wives and children. We thank the brothers and sisters who are so sacrificial in their service to the Lord. May the Lord bless their work.
Hope church, village of BOROVIKHA – Greetings to you, brothers and sisters! We thank you so much for your hard work of evangelism that you do in the name of Christ. Thanks to the gift packages, our church has great opportunities to wish the local citizens a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year and tell them about the love of Christ. 02(3)Some highlights: I gave one businessman a gift package and wished him a Merry Christmas, and he asked for 30 more because he wanted to give gifts to all of his employees. The kids who go to the Sunday School, gave packages to their public school teachers and classmates. Both adults and kids like to receive these gifts, they give thanks and ask questions. When we give a gift, we also offer them a copy of the New Testament. When we had a special Christmas event at a local convention center, we had people come and inquire about the calendars and the booklets this year. We had about 50 people come and each was able to receive a gift. To each child we also added a chocolate bar, and the kids were so excited! Vyacheslav Smetannikov,  Omsk 07(2)
Village of Pestravka – Tatiana Genkevich I gave away the gift packages mostly at work. I get talking to co-workers almost every day. I get asked questions about the Lord, about the Gospel and about the Way of Salvation. The Christmas gift was a good reminder for them about God’s calling. I also visited all my neighbors and gave away the gift packages. I wished them all a Merry Christmas. One of the ladies, whose mom was a believer, held the package so tight and broke into tears. She was so thankful! I pray for them and hope that the Lord will turn everything into His glory.
When I was giving away the packages I was always talking to the people. Many people go ‘trick or treat’ (they do that on Christmas in this part of the world). This time, two young men came and wished me a merry Christmas. I asked if they knew anything about the meaning of Christmas. They had not expected that. I shared about God with them and gave them the gift package. The guys thanked me and promised to read the booklets.
Pastor, City of Syzran – Not only did the women of the church give away the gift packages. I shared quite a number myself. Even the calendar I had put on the wall of my home, was taken to give away. Praise the Lord, the church has given away all the calendars. We also gave the calendars to the street workers who lay the pipelines next to the church building. Though they tore up the street and it is very difficult to drive and walk next to the church, we decided to bless these workers with the gift packages. At first they did not want to accept the gifts, but our church members added some candy to the packages and the level of reception became much higher.  Thank you so much for your ministry, may the Lord bless you abundantly. BORSKOE.
FINAL TEN DAYS OF LIFE. (Testimony of a Christian man, 88 years). I was in a store and met a shop assistant Tanya (38 year). I asked her if she believed in God and she said that when she goes through tough times, she comes to church every once in a while. I asked her if she was willing to read the Gospel, and she said, certainly. She asked me why I was going to a weird (as she thought) Baptist church. I told her about God and how He gave us the  Bible, but there are false teachers who turn the people away from the truth. We also talked about the Bible, what kind of book it is, about Jesus Christ and why He came to earth and how He can be active in a person’s life.
I did not have a copy of the New Testament. When I came a few days later, it was not Tanya’s shift, so I did not see her. The next time I came to this store, it turned out she died the previous Sunday of pancreatic cancer.  I had thought to take her phone number and come to see her at home, bring her a New Testament and a Christmas gift package. But I was late. Now I regret that it took me so long. I could not imagine that a young joyful woman like her was living her last days on earth. But I am grateful to the Lord that I was at least able to share as much as I did.18
Tatiana, city of Ulianovsk: “Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am extremely grateful to the Lord that He has allowed me to participate in this project. I was very glad to be able to give away some of these gifts. First of all, I gave the packages to my relatives and neighbours.  I had two more packages left and I was not sure what to do with them.
I went to the bus stop and saw two ladies. They were speaking to each other and complaining how everything in stores went up in price. They wanted to get something for their grandchildren, but apparently, could not afford to buy anything. I came up to them and offered them the two packages that I had. One of the ladies refused and did not want to talk to me. I said, ‘this might be a good gift for your kids and grandkids’. I showed them the packages and explained what they meant. Now they both were very happy to receive them and decided they wanted to share the packages among the kids and grandkids. Then the bus came and they left.image004
I remember this time at the bus stop. I remember these two women who are going through a hard time. They received a gift which made a difference. I pray and hope that they will read the booklets and realize that they can receive salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. And not only them but their family members too.
There are so many gifts given away and those who used the gift packages in sharing the Gospel must have been blessed even more than those who received them. We so much enjoy sharing these packages because they allow us to be obedient to the commission of the Lord. We always look forward to other opportunities of sharing the good news of Jesus’ coming to earth in Bethlehem. We also look forward to new people who come and join our churches because of sharing these packages. We are very thankful to God for the Bible Mission which helps in spreading the Gospel and praising God by our good deed!

During the month we took delivery of 120 Tonnes of paper costing over £84,000.00. Please continue to pray regarding the large financial needs of the ministry.  We plan to ship containers to Nigeria, S. Africa, Kenya and Dominican Republic during April.

 Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen



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