Revival Now Pt1: A New Jesus Movement

In ‘Revival Now’, David Legge asks and seeks to answer the question: What might revival look like in the 2020s? Or, to consider it another way: What is the revival we need for today? Of course, there are common features to every revival, and yet there are always distinctives to every one. We can never second guess God in how He will move again – yet we do have desperate needs in our age that only God can meet. In this series, David looks at how we need a new move of God’s Spirit to meet the contemporary needs in the church and our world in this present moment. In Part 1, we explore how the church and we as Christians need to get our focus back on Jesus. He must be the pre-eminent one and the centre of all we do and are. What idols have distracted us from the centrality of Christ? How can we give our Lord His rightful place in our lives and churches? This message is available at now in MP3 audio format…

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