The Prayer Course Online? No better time!

Hey guys,

If you are looking for a resource to encourage prayer in your community, we would highly recommend the prayer course. 


We decided to run the course online during the lockdown from COVID-19 as we recognised people were becoming more interested in learning to pray. We ran it with some of our church community but also advertised it online and a number of people outside our community joined in!


We hosted each week on zoom, watched the video together, then had space for people to discuss what came up for them, before we finished with a practice for the following week.   As we journeyed over the 8 weeks, we were reminded of the importance of doing the course together – there was a real sense of shared learning as people  shared stories & started to trust each other with their questions and struggles. 


We also noticed that the course was accessible for both those who had little exposure to  prayer as well as the prayer veterans  – it was less about US and THEM as we felt we could all learn from each other.  


Running it online worked well, in fact some of the people who joined us said they wouldn’t have joined if we had initially met in person !   As gathering restrictions are relaxed, we are looking forward to meeting in person to continue building relationships and learning to pray!   


So, whatever your context, we would really encourage you to give it a go. Check it out and download the guide here 👉 Prayer Course Online and if you want to ask us any further questions about our experience please email


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